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Awesome curated list of Paper, Tools, PPTs and Tutorials for Recurrent Neural Networks

Awesome Recurrent Neural Networks A curated list of resources dedicated to recurrent neural networks (closely related to deep learning ). source Sharing Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google Plus Share on LinkedIn Table of Contents Codes Theory Lectures Books / Thesis Architecture Variants Structure Memory Surveys Applications Natural Language Processing Language Modeling Speech Recognition Machine Translation Conversation Modeling Question Answering Computer Vision Object Recognition Image Generation Video Analysis Multimodal (CV+NLP) Image Captioning Video Captioning Visual Question Answering Turing Machines Robotics Other Datasets Blogs Online Demos Codes Tensorflow - Python, C++ Get started , Tutorials Recurrent Neural Network Tutorial Sequence-to-Sequence Model Tutorial Tutorials by nlintz Notebook examples by aymericdamien Scikit Flow (skflow) - Simplified Scikit-learn like Interface for T