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Installing ghost on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Physical Server

Ghost is a blogging platform based on nodejs platform. Due to its efficient and open source software it has a very much popularity and acceptance among users. Ghost is very easy to install on cloud platform like Openshift and Amazone AWS.

Here I am going to show you how to install ghost 1.6 on a Ubuntu physical server.
If you want to self-host Ghost, it is most common to this on Linux. This guide documents the basic install steps
This guide assumes that you have access to a linux server such as a VPS via a command line interface (terminal window) and that you know the IP address of your server, which we’ll refer to from here on as <your-ip-address>. Each step details a command to run on the command line.

Install Node

Note:Ghost requires Node.js 0.10.x (not 0.12.x). We recommend Node.js 0.10.36 & npm 2.5.0.
  • Most linux distros have a package manager, see the Node.js guide for details on installing node via various package managers or alternatively it is possible to download the .tar.gz archive from
  • Double check that you have Node and npm installed and that you have the right version, by typing node -v and npm -v into a terminal window and comparing with the blue box above.
  • In the ubuntu system nodejs can be installed by simply typing in the terminal apt-get install npm

Install Ghost

  1. Grab the latest version of Ghost from $ curl -L -o
  2. Unzip Ghost into the folder /var/www/ghost (recommended install location):
    $ unzip -uo -d /var/www/ghost
    Note: You may additionally need to create the /var/www/ directory with the command mkdir /var/www/, or install the unzip package following the instructions for your linux distro)
  3. Move to the new ghost directory, and install Ghost (production dependencies only):
    $ cd /var/www/ghost && npm install --production
When this completes, Ghost is installed!

Starting Ghost

To start Ghost (production environment), run
$ npm start --production
Ghost will now be running on the default ip/port
  • Visit http://<your-ip-address>:2368 to see your newly setup Ghost blog
  • Visit http://<your-ip-address>:2368/ghost and create your admin user to login to the Ghost admin