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The war between Gamer and Game Developer

Game is not a new term for everyone. People like to play games whether you are a young kid, a girl, a boy or an elderly person still they like to play games. There are many types of games ranges from Indoor to Outdoor or electronically. You can choose from a range of Outdoor games or choose from a range of Indoor games. If you want to play for the electronic games there are also many, that may include pc games, console games or even in phone games. Depending on your requirement you can be able to play games on either on smartphones or in PC/Consoles. Since almost all of the Indoor or Outdoor games have alternative to play in Electronic also. The demand for electronic game business is much higher than that of Real Game.

Now consider about a Outdoor game Football where almost twenty two payers actively take part in the game. If you dont have enough friends you may not be able play the real game football. But if you prefer to play the same football game in PC that may be easier or you can be able taste the football match even sitting in front of a PC. To play in the real football you may have to be physically fit but for electronic play the requirement is less. Because of this may be there are many user base in electronic world.

So we know that there are many user base, now how you are going to provide your service as a programmer. You know that if you build good game you will be huge. Since if you study about the game industry they earn billions of money using a single game. Like electronic arts earn billion using EA FIFA. So if you stress on what people are like to play and which have not much in the electronic market you can be able to make a good start; and earn a lots.


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