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Open Source Search Engine Apache Lucene/Solr Gets Big Update: Apache Lucene Solr 4.0 releases

On 12th October 2012 the Apache Foundation released a major update to the open source search engine building tools Lucene and Solr . Version 4.0  adds several new features aimed at making Solr easier to use, more scalable and more customizable. Although they’re jointly developed, Lucene and Solr are actually two different things. Lucene is just a Java library, not a stand alone search engine. Solr is a search engine server built with Lucene as its core. Lucene was created in 1999 by Doug Cutting, better known as the creator of Apache Hadoop , and has been used both companies like AOL and LinkedIn to power search features. Solr was created by Yonik Seeley in 2004. It can be used as a custom search engine, or be used to power search for a separate application. Scalability was the Solr/Lucene team’s biggest focus for today’s release, according to Search Engine Hub — particularly scaling out as opposed to scaling up. Web companies like Google and have popul

Change your lost password of Windows 7/Vista/XP Password using Ubuntu Live CD

If you have ever lost your Windows password or If you can’t log in even after trying your twelve passwords, or you’ve inherited a computer complete with password-protected profiles, worry not – you don’t have to do a fresh install of Windows. Here we’ll show you how to change or reset your Windows password from a Ubuntu Live CD/DVD. This method works for all of the NT-based version of Windows – anything from Windows 2000 and later, basically. And yes, that includes Windows 7. Note: If you have files on your hard disk encrypted using built-in Windows encryption, they may not be available after changing the Windows password using this method. Exercise caution if you have important encrypted files. You’ll need a Ubuntu 9.10 Live CD/DVD, or a bootable Ubuntu 9.10 Flash Drive or later. The program that lets us manipulate Windows passwords is called chntpw . The steps to install it are different in 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu. Installation: 32-bit Open up Sy

Google Fun Hacks: Fun while searching in Google

Various Google services also hide Easter eggs meant to be amusing entertainment. Searching for "anagram" shows "Did you mean: nag a ram ". Searching for "do a barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" will rotate the results page a full 360 degrees. This is a reference to the Nintendo video game Star Fox 64 . Searching for "recursion" shows "Did you mean: " recursion ", which allows you to recursively run searches for recursion. Searching for "Jason Isaacs" shows "Hello to Jason Isaacs", a reference to Kermode and Mayo's Film Reviews which greets Jason Isaacs with a 'hello' every week Searching world cup 2014 will show a notification of "FIFA World Cup begins Thursday , June 12, 2014 , and ends Sunday , July 13, 2014 ". Searching for "tilt" or "askew" using a Webkit based browser (such as Google Chrome , Safari , or Android/iOS built-in browsers) or a re