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Find, Move, Search, Replace, Copy and Do everything using a single command ncdu in Linux/Unix

It is very efficient to use command line in Linux/Unix for many operations like Copying, Moving, Removing and Searching in Linux. NCDU stands for ncdu (NCurses Disk Usage) Its utility is as follows ncdu <options> <directory>   -h                         This help message   -q                         Quiet mode, refresh interval 2 seconds   -v                         Print version   -x                         Same filesystem   -r                         Read only   -o FILE                    Export scanned directory to FILE   -f FILE                    Import scanned directory from FILE   -0,-1,-2                   UI to use when scanning (0=none,2=full ncurses)   --exclude PATTERN          Exclude files that match PATTERN   -X, --exclude-from FILE    Exclude files that match any pattern in FILE   --exclude-caches           Exclude directories containing CACHEDIR.TAG        To install ncdu in Ubuntu #apt-get install ncdu To use just type ncdu in the command