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Google Fun Hacks: Fun while searching in Google

Various Google services also hide Easter eggs meant to be amusing entertainment.
  • Searching for "anagram" shows "Did you mean: nag a ram".
  • Searching for "do a barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" will rotate the results page a full 360 degrees. This is a reference to the Nintendo video game Star Fox 64.
  • Searching for "recursion" shows "Did you mean: "recursion", which allows you to recursively run searches for recursion.
  • Searching for "Jason Isaacs" shows "Hello to Jason Isaacs", a reference to Kermode and Mayo's Film Reviews which greets Jason Isaacs with a 'hello' every week
  • Searching world cup 2014 will show a notification of "FIFA World Cup begins Thursday, June 12, 2014, and ends Sunday, July 13, 2014".
  • Searching for "tilt" or "askew" using a Webkit based browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Android/iOS built-in browsers) or a recent version of Firefox (7+), makes the page 'lean' to the right a bit.
  • Around December 2011 and January 2012, Searching for "let it snow" simulates snowfall and frost on the search results. After a while, the search screen fogs up and the blue search button changes to Defrost, enabling the user to defrost the page clicking and rubbing it like a window. Interaction with the actual search screen is disabled until the Defrost button is pressed (even if the entire screen is manually defrosted). Search screen will cease to fog up once the Defrost button is pressed.
search for google pacman

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The top 10 open source forum/bulletin/discussion software

The forum software is needed to build a discussion platform. There are many forum software which can be get freely on internet. Here I am going to list out some of 10 best forum software which you can be able to put it on your website.

1. Discourse:Discourse is an open sourceInternet forum software application founded in 2013 by Jeff Atwood, Robin Ward, and Sam Saffron. Discourse received funding from First Round Capital and Greylock.[3]
From a usability perspective, Discourse breaks with existing forum software by including features recently popularized by large social networks, such as infinite scrolling, live updates, oneboxing, expanding links, and drag and dropattachments.[4] However, the stated goals of the project are social rather than technical, to improve online discussion quality through improved forum software.
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Java Code to Get MAC Address From Target IP Address

MAC Address is a Unique identification of a Device. Computer, Mobile, Tablet, PC all have a Unique MAC Address. If you want to know about MAC Address here is some, MAC on Wiki. MAC Address is generally 48 bits long eg, 00:ff:a3:f0:76:ae
Here we are going to discuss about How to get that address by using supplied IP Address over the network.
Here is the Java Code

import java.util.Arrays;

import jpcap.*;
import jpcap.packet.*;

public class GetMACAddress{
    public static byte[] arp(InetAddress ip) throws{
        //find network interface
        NetworkInterface[] devices=JpcapCaptor.getDeviceList();
        NetworkInterface device=null;

loop:    for(NetworkInterface d:devices){
            for(NetworkInterfaceAddress addr:d.addresses){
                if(!(addr.address instanceof Inet4Address)) continue;
                byte[] bip=ip.getAddress();
                byte[] subnet=addr.subnet.getAddress();

MySQL Database Connection at OpenShift Redhat Cloud using PDO Class

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First thing to be noted is that when you create a PHP Application in OpenShift you will get some environmental variable. Which you can view them by using echo $ENV_NAME in the shell. Some of MYSQL DB Environmental variables in openshift clouds are follows. OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST
OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_URL You can Find more about it here OpenShift Variables
Considering we have database name 'gitspot' and have a table name having demo where there is a field 'name' and has a record 'RedHat Openshift' Now create a php file conf.php which contains all the Database Host Port etc and the way to connect using PDO Class. <?php