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WakeOnLAN and Magic Packets Explained

WakeOnLAN concept is used to Power on the system when you know its MAC address. This WakeOnLAN uses Magic Packet technology to power on the target system. Brief note on setting up WakeOnLAN: Let say we have two systems A and B. B wants to wakeup A remotely. So here are the steps for that Enter BIOS setup in A system. And Enable Wake on LAN option in it. (Name may be different in different systems) Now you need to enable WakeOnLAN for the NIC card also. Run the following command in A system. $sudo ethtool eth0 -s wol g Install ethtool if it is not there $sudo apt-get install ethtool Notedown the MAC address of A's system. ( let's say aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff) Install wakeonlan on B's system $sudo apt-get install wakeonlan or write a script for wakeonlan ( you can have it from here ). Run the following command in B's system powering off A's system: $wakeonlan aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff That's only a four step method. Have fun.... :-) Not satisfied with the brief one.... Okay. R