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Java Code to Get MAC Address From Target IP Address

MAC Address is a Unique identification of a Device. Computer, Mobile, Tablet, PC all have a Unique MAC Address. If you want to know about MAC Address here is some, MAC on Wiki . MAC Address is generally 48 bits long eg, 00:ff:a3:f0:76:ae Here we are going to discuss about How to get that address by using supplied IP Address over the network. Here is the Java Code import; import; import java.util.Arrays; import jpcap.*; import jpcap.packet.*; public class GetMACAddress{     public static byte[] arp(InetAddress ip) throws{         //find network interface         NetworkInterface[] devices=JpcapCaptor.getDeviceList();         NetworkInterface device=null; loop:    for(NetworkInterface d:devices){             for(NetworkInterfaceAddress addr:d.addresses){                 if(!(addr.address instanceof Inet4Address)) continue;                 byte[] bip=ip.getAddress();                 byte[] subnet=addr.s

Advanced Guide to Hosting your Custom Domain to Blogger

 This is really fantastic to tell you, today I did a small hack on Hosting Custom Domain with Blogger . You may be wondering why this topic name is given as Advanced Guide , because everyone knows if you have a control panel then you can easily mapped your domain to your blogger blog , its a common at all. Here is the tutorial for doing this Google Help Forum .      But when you just purchased a domain from some registrar they don not give you a free control panel by default, you have to buy a hosting plan then you will get control panel access. But in this tutorial I am going to mapped my custom domain to newly created blog in blogger using some really fantastic web application that you can get it for free.      This is created using the same techniques. Here is the procedure for doing this Steps are the Following.... 0. First of all i am assuming that you have a domain purchase on 1. Create a Blog on Blogger e.g., gitspot.b