Sunday, February 8, 2015

Installing Mail functionality in the openshift by using PEAR

Openshift provides applications to host freely on the cloud. PHP is a very popular web programming language. Openshift also supports PHP.

In the openshift delivering mail by default not there. You have to put/install it explicitly by using pear.

Here I am going to show you where should you put pear packages so that it will installed during your building of PHP project on openshift.

When you create app by using rhc app create it will automatically create a app folder. Go to that folder and you will find .openshift

Inside the .openshift folder you find a pear folder. It will be empty by default. Create a deplist.txt and you can be able to put your pear packages. To add Mail just add Mail in the deplist.txt and save it.

When you git push your project your project will have mail functionality.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Find, Move, Search, Replace, Copy and Do everything using a single command ncdu in Linux/Unix

It is very efficient to use command line in Linux/Unix for many operations like Copying, Moving, Removing and Searching in Linux.

NCDU stands for ncdu (NCurses Disk Usage)

Its utility is as follows

ncdu <options> <directory>

  -h                         This help message
  -q                         Quiet mode, refresh interval 2 seconds
  -v                         Print version
  -x                         Same filesystem
  -r                         Read only
  -o FILE                    Export scanned directory to FILE
  -f FILE                    Import scanned directory from FILE
  -0,-1,-2                   UI to use when scanning (0=none,2=full ncurses)
  --exclude PATTERN          Exclude files that match PATTERN
  -X, --exclude-from FILE    Exclude files that match any pattern in FILE
  --exclude-caches           Exclude directories containing CACHEDIR.TAG 
To install ncdu in Ubuntu
#apt-get install ncdu

To use just type ncdu in the command terminal


You can be able to do operation on files and folders

To delete just select the file/folder by going up and down arrow and just pressing the d.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Open Source Web based Quiz Management Software

MCQuiz meaning Multiple Choice Quiz is a PHP based design for website in pursuit of Quizing platform.

Most of the time if it is required to test your candidate for eligibility for a particular job, Multiple Choice type question is best for that purpose. Because you can ask so many question for a specified amount of time.

This small piece of code was written by Sanjib Narzary for the purpose to conduct a codester during Ecstasy 2014 at CIT Kokrajhar. Now the entire code is available for free at github. You can find the hosted quiz at for reference or demo.

Social Logins will not work by now.

Screenshot1 Home window Just after Installation

Screenshot 2 Registration Window Just after Installation

For more demo visit

You can find the source at github

Blog for Choice Ghost is the best platform for blogging after Wordpress

I am blogging enthusiasts and blogging for something of my interest since from 2008. I have gone through, and persolized blog based on

Recently I just found a wordpress alternative which is based on Node.js framework. I just love its simplicity easy to install and easy to use.

The installation also very easy just you have to put npm install and done.

If you are good in Javascript then you can modify the source code also. Its too flexible I just love the Ghost platform.

If you want to try Ghost then you can visit It is like wordpress in Node.js or you can view my personal blog build on Ghost at

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 for Discussion on various topics. Launch today. The site looks fantastic you can have a look.

Answers Gitspot aims at providing helps and howtos for various technological things.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sansri Literary Trust Just created

The website is created just now. This website main objective are simple and straight
  • A Literary Trust
  • List of Journals
  • Various activities in the field of Literature
  • Common place for literature section
This website is hosted in a speedhost network. Hope a fruitful result.

Monday, September 15, 2014

GATE 2015 Online Test Conducted by CIT Kokrajhar

Every department of CIT Kokrajhar is Conducting free online test targetted for GATE 2015. Every quiz sample you can be able to find at

GATE is a national level entrance exam conducted by IITs and IISc to test engineers fit for doing masters or research.

Most of the PSUs and Private sector companies considers GATE for screening the candidate.

GATE is mandatory to Join M.Tech/ME/MArch etc in IITs, IISc and NITs or in CFTIs institutes.

You can find more about GATE here